Calendar 2021

Machine translation from German

Once again, it's nothing like a new picture story. Let yourself be surprised by the new compilations of old pictures!

Are checked mini skirts still out or already retro? In any case, the mini skirt doesn't always have to be black. [plaid mini skirts] [mini-skirt]

Which colors are popular? Black and blue are always possible, the intrepid choose red from time to time. Floral patterns or checks? Dots are always cute. [little dot]

Hopefully we won't have to stay home all the time this year! We want to swim, dance, skate, celebrate birthdays, rifle parties and hen parties, enjoy the summer and show our shoulders, just be dolls. [to bathe] [to dance] [Shooting festival] [Hen party]

We love the candy colors of the 80s, occasionally an even older style

We love short dresses, monochrome, black and white. Above all, we love the colorful variety! [motley] [diversity]