Calendar 2020

Machine translation from German

Unfortunately, even in 2019, I did not manage to create even a new picture story. But you will certainly enjoy new images compilations.

In addition to white (mostly long) and black (rather short), red and blue are the colors of the year 2020. Real dolls love velvet and tulle.

It's summer all year round, we wear short dresses in the morning, take a bath in the afternoon and party in the evening. [to bathe]

We spend the holidays with grandma in the countryside. [granny] [country]

We dream of being a movie star and like to show our shoulders.

Of course we also do retro theme parties. We commemorate the 80s. There was a time when every young lady had a denim mini skirt. [Denim miniskirt]

Many of our clothes come from China.

As a last calendar proposal we show according to the order in the clothing store (all mixed up) the great variety. [diversity]