Calendar 2019

Machine translation from German

Throughout the year I have not run a doll for a photo tour. That's why there are no new pictures. Nevertheless, I have put together for the upcoming year 2019 a calendar with pictures of old dance dresses. There are again short and long dresses, party dresses, summer dresses, bathing suits, dresses for the stag party, and there are dresses from China. There is a calendar with dresses from the 80s and a calendar with black-colored dresses from the 80s. [Dancewear] [sundresses] [Swimsuits] [hen] [different]

What is a selection of colors? For 2019 I have selected red and blue dresses of different styles from different times. I interpret the colors generously: salmon pink and berry is also red. [blueness]

For the sporty friends of the summer there are skater dresses and off-the-shoulder dresses, for the big play children there are dots and tulle. [topless] [little dot]

Do you have a suggestion for a calendar? Then write me an e-mail (! Have fun!