Calendar 2017

Machine translation from German

The calendar for the year 2017 come too late. I have spent a lot of time to figure out the holidays in different countries.

In the 80s there were dresses of black and colored fabrics and dresses in candy colors.

Previously, each doll had to have a mini skirt. Time it was a denim mini skirt, sometimes a black, sometimes plaid or pleated skirt. [mini-skirt] [Jean Miniskirt]

Dolls like to go swimming. [to bathe]

the puppet show old wedding dresses again this year. One of the dresses I have recovered before the waste. For the friends of darkness, the puppet show black dresses, prefer short dresses. To compensate, there are short dresses in white. The mini dresses can also be colored. [Colourful]

Mini dresses are beautiful not only for the summer.

What do the doll to the party, the champagne reception with the mayor, the school girl fancy dress party for 60s party or Heidi Alm party? [Schoolgirl theme party]

Most of all the dolls are simply puppets and have fun with bright colors and old dance dresses. When it detects the wanderlust, they just pull on a dress from China. [colorful] [dance clothes]