News (02/19/2024)

Machine translation from German

When counting website visits, I counted requests from a “Bytespider” as visits. I corrected the count. Since the introduction of the “pinboard” view, counting visits has been problematic since image files are automatically loaded with the image story.

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to present a new picture story last year (2023), and the calendars are also two months late. I'm sorry, I don't have the time.

I recently saw “Barbie” in the cinema. Therefore, I know that Barbie's dolliness is of course influenced by a woman's creativity and the business acumen of the Mattel company, but is fundamentally based on the humanity of the play child. I found the article “Tokyo Fashion Week: The Best Street Styles from Japan” by Fatima Njoya from March 17, 2021. Perhaps we need to re-examine the interrelationship between dolliness and humanity. In any case, Annette's pupiness is largely based on my bearishness.

The article from Tokyo Style Streets shows how: images with 2000 x 3000 pixels and yet file sizes under one megabyte. I'm working on image editing. I'm also working on the clothing catalog. There are 1,611 photos for the pool party picture story (see below), some with dolls, some for the catalog. All photos are first taken, cropped and titled. The dolls are dressed and undressed, the clothes are labeled and sorted, image files and other data are saved. Everything needs it's time.

Annette and her friends take us to a pool party in China.

Because more and more picture stories are appearing on this website, I am giving up the previous sitemap. The new sitemap includes only picture stories.

If it is difficult to cut many pictures with Gimp, I can give you a tip.

A website is not always that easy. If you find a Feler, send me an email! If you like this website, recommend it to your friends!