News (04/15/2023)

Machine translation from German

Don't think that this website is completely deserted now. But there is so much to do. As I write this text, I think that I should thoroughly revise the automatic translation. I also have photos for new picture stories. I also have all-around views, for which I walked around the doll a few times with my cell phone. What is the best way for me to post the video clips on the website? I also know that the "wall" view sometimes takes a long time to launch. I also wonder whether and in what resolution photos should be loaded "on suspicion" in the background so that the view is as smooth as possible. I spend most of my time maintaining the clothing catalog (database). I often forget to update the visit statistics. The start page is now very "busy". In short, I'm not going to finish front and back. And now I am expanding the catalog ...

Because more and more picture stories are appearing on this website, I am giving up the previous sitemap. The new sitemap includes only picture stories.

Ukrainian women should also be able to laugh in difficult times.

If it is difficult to cut many pictures with Gimp, I can give you a tip.

A website is not always that easy. If you find a Feler, send me an email! If you like this website, recommend it to your friends!