Ideas for further

Machine translation from German


The presentation is now completely outdated. I'm not quite old, but I do not have the time to update the presentation and use the new possibilities of HTML5.

Images database

The image database is expanding. A simple point is the maintenance of image markers, which facilitate the selection of images for the calendars. There are overlaps with requirements for the clothing database. A more important aspect is the automatic image processing.

Translation database

The handling of the translation database must be simplified, in particular the clean-up and correction of translations.

image resolutions

There are now 8k monitors. The pictures can handle a few pixels more. What are the costs if some picture stories offer pictures in 2k-format, others not?


When I started this site, speed did not matter. However, with an increasing scope of the website, I must also have the time in which a picture story is loaded.


My biggest concern is the maintenance and development of garments database. I want to give an insight into the database in the "World Wide Web".