Machine translation from German

I chose many dresses at the end of last year (2021). The fat bear took a picture of me with his smartphone. Unfortunately, the smartphone does not cope well with different lighting conditions. Many photos are far too dark, some too light. Correcting the photos is too much effort.

I couldn't think of a suitable saying for every dress. I wanted to show the pictures last year, but the fat bear wasn't finished.

I have divided the presentation into 14 parts in the chronological order of the photos. The bear will soon be doing some more work so that the presentation doesn't become a game of patience for you and will improve some imperfections. The fat man also has to take off all his clothes properly. He will then add details to the clothes. Now consider the presentation as a preview version.

As an appendix I have added two old picture stories. I hope you get a good laugh a few times when you see the fads of the ancient Romans! Have fun!