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The period from the mid-70s to early 80s of last century were in one sense a very sad epoch of world history: miniskirts had disappeared from the cityscape of Dorsten and Münster. They could not sink completely into oblivion! Perhaps still remembers some former student at Münster "Herbert" ads in the "well then".

The problem lies deeper: well at any time of my life, there are beautiful dresses that would carry no more women because of a fashion coercion. I began to collect clothes: at flea markets, in the textile recycling, in closing sales. Now I have very many dresses and skirts that still would not wear woman.

Then dolls I came to help. Run the clothes before a perhaps final time. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

With miniskirts started my collection, and miniskirts form a large part of my collection:

We hope you enjoy more! Where else can you find a real texts clothes junkies?