A sleeping dress (12.07.2017)

Machine translation from German

In a department store in China.

Look, do you like this pink shirt?

There are nicer ones. I approach you one, so I am well occupied.

It will be the fifth dress that I am fitting for my darling. I imagined a knee-length dress with long sleeves and a three-tiered skirt, of a solid color and a fabric with streaks.

Come, we choose a fabric.

But 100% cotton.

All fabrics are large-sized.

This pink floral fabric is beautiful.

But the large pattern only works on large surfaces. It will then be a long dress.

How much fabric do you need?

Two Metres.

We buy two meters. At home we wash the fabric alike. When it was dry, it was still 185 cm.

I think I can make the dress simply from two pieces: a fabric for the top and a fabric for the skirt part. The dress should be comfortably wide, at least no zipper should be necessary. The top should only have a seam on the left side. I cut it and put it together.

Treasure, try it!

Ok, but it's a little tight.

So that is not at all! The armholes are much too narrow, the neck cut is too narrow, and overall it must be further.

Only I do not have enough fabric to re-trim the shell. What can I do? I use the sides of the fabric. Thus, the upper part is a special cut of four approximately equal width webs with seams front and back laterally. The side seams meet on the shoulders, the sides are sewn at the front and back.

This time I am generous with the width, but the skirt part is shorter.

I still have fabric for sleeves like the first self-sewn gown. To this I also make a belt and belt loops.

There is no fitting until the dress is finished.

Sweetheart, I have a sleepwear for you, quite handmade.

Nice! Thanks, I'll go tonight.