Translation (25/07/2016)

Machine translation from German

The translation I have only once finished. You cost me enough latte. Now the web services for translation must be better.

From the translation you can not necessarily indicative of my English knowledge. Apropo include: how do you say in English? "Shut" or "close"? Or "conclude"? And "far"? "Far" or "wide"? It's funny how the great web translator next accesses. And "the day before yesterday" in English? Uh, we have times of ...

Occasionally goes from the German word forms taken in conjunction with an article, whether man, woman or several people are meant. But who has taken care in school grammar lessons? "Sono pazzi, questa romano!" Used to say Obelix. And who owns the bike in front of the door? Clear: I! But when the question of who loves whom, it is already of difficult.

I am looking forward to the Latin version. Louisa Clark has determined fun at the English version.

In the next few days to create versions in other languages, usually take a joke their spokesman. Each machine translation brings new comedy. Too bad that I do not always understand!

Now I dedicate more time new picture stories and the care of my dresses database. But once I pull the clothes to a new machine. Maybe I learn then how to make a website for a touchscreen fit?

The calendar in different languages require "manual labor". Who wants to see the calendar in their own language? Send me an email! [e-mail]