Calendar (01/07/2016)

My dolls have always wanted to be a calendar girl. I wanted to meet the new 2016 to request them in time.

That worked just barely. I had a few hours on a version online that do not quite work with modern browsers. The view on the screen remained white. The print output with previewing but worked, and if the surfer in the script window "onload ()" would have typed, you would have seen in the browser window to see the calendar. But who thinks about it? In haste unfortunately mistakes happen.

Why were the calendar until January 5 ready?

It began with the fact that I sewed not only a dress for my love, but also a calendar built. Den I could still make with dolls pictures online?

I had to separate from the image selection, the calendar data (weekdays, holidays, ...). I had a style that worked with a "handmade" image selection. In addition I have also compiled a few pictures with my loved ones.

The style sheet for my love is meant to be printed. In the Web view the surfer needs can also scroll the browser through the "month sides". This was done "just quickly".

Too bad that the hidden in the screen Month sides disappear in the print edition. The script for controlling the screen must be the paws of the print preview. I had earlier when script not two different views (print and screen) in the head.

In its front page references are to appear on the different image selections. The way the small "Readers" are involved, seems to me too complicated. I'm building a new mechanism. Later I may also include the reading texts in the new way.

The calendars will appear in the site map for the search engines stupid.

The compiled calendar need a title, of course, in different languages. I decide to save together with the image selection to titles in different languages. How do I choose the right language? Good question.

The style sheet should also work with automatically selected images in a picture story. So I'm putting the calendar image selection to a picture story and connect them with the calendar-style template. Of course, I have to adapt. In the desktop view of the picture story I add a reference to the calendar and complete the product help.

During the hand-selected calendar images are provided for a given year, the calendar views the picture stories are always showing the current year. The correct web server configuration to direct the "general" reference to the correct year.

When my sweetheart in China are not the same holidays are similar to mine in Germany. The calendar data is to say from the requested language dependent (with country code). I knit Calendar basic data for 2016 holidays in Germany and in China. The language of the calendar basic data also determines the language for the calendar title.

The surfer from Italy now see the German calendar basic data because German for the server is the preferred default language. I have no idea of the Italian holidays. For the Italian friends give no holidays will be marked. How do I get the web server on this? I learned it.

On the kitchen calendar at home I see on each calendar page also provides an overview of the previous month and the following month and the calendar weeks. That is practical. As the calendar weeks are counted correctly? You would not believe how stupid I can hire me when programming!

The surfer will see on each page and the previous month, the following month and the calendar weeks after their election. A little window setting adds to the style sheet. The texts displayed in the small window to appear in the correct language. The stylesheet is therefore linked to a localization file. I decide to expand the central localization file for the templates of the illustrated stories for the calendar. I can also equal the month names to display in the correct language. In the calendar data the correct wildcard must stand. The localization file also determines the language of the title when the calendar basic data is not set.

The help for the calendar view, I translate in the languages that I want to support. Oops, the translation with Gugel (something like that the big Datenkrake) into Chinese does not work? I still tinker at the automatic translation. Since I come from the sticks on sticks. The error is corrected quickly.

I test: set browser in German, I see the calendar German texts, the German holidays and help in German; Browser in Chinese set, I see the calendar Chinese texts, the Chinese holidays and help in Chinese; Browser set to Japanese, I see the Japanese name of the month, no holidays and help in Japanese; Browser in Arabic set, I see the German month names (preferred language), no holidays and help in German.

In the evening I want to put the Calendar "online". The translation of the index files to the calendars not working ?! Because the worm's inside! Two days later, also works the translation.

But tonight to the calendar on the net! The description of the calendar "mechanism" will follow soon. I have to work a little.

And then it continues with the automatic translation. Many small things are sometimes made up quickly. But I always notice that nothing even comes up quickly. And if something does not work, please send me a mail!

Just in time for next year will be the calendar cope yourself kit: Images Select, Mark Holidays, enter title, finished the desire calendar! Now that's made up quickly.