New game Dresses (28/12/2015)

You should dress for me and can make it easier. Eight tracks and sleeves - much too complicated.

My love is right.

Do you like this stuff?


We buy a lightweight mixed fabric, white fabric with black dots. wrapped A circular skirt with a waist-hole in the center, a web around the upper body - that is the average.

Quite so simple it is not: waist elliptical skirt front elliptical with the same focal length, the rear circular, the top forward to just below the neck, held by two straps, tied at the neck, back deep to about the middle of the back, sides angle, back zipper.

For the top I cut a template out of cardboard. My sweetheart and I cut to the two pieces of fabric.

The upper part is a little too closely.

The two centimeters are not a problem. We have enough material.

We cut the top part with the same template again, but back a little further.

I folders together the two parts and the zip on the upper part. The skirt is too far in the waist. For the first fitting I need the skirt not incise.

The dress fits well and I like it.

I think I can fold over the fabric of the skirt part on both sides of the zipper a few centimeters diagonally. The wrinkles that raises the full skirt, the bump is not noticeable at the end of the zipper. I have learned.

A black belt now.

Sweetheart, I sewed a dress for you! but I still want a tulle petticoat sew.

Doubles all round?

We find no place in Tulle.

How do you like the light blue cotton with colorful flowers?


I cut to a front and a slightly longer rear panel and staple them together.

I sew a one cuff and a zipper on the left, then you can combine as you like to rock.

No, this is a beautiful dress with a shell as the dot dress!

So no petticoat.

The support slightly further out?

I draw short as I imagine it: a flat V between the cups, the carrier and the upper part of one piece.

Nice. I want to sew, cut my shell to!

I would have to adjust the lateral inclines on the position of the carrier, but because my love wants to sew fast, we take the old template, I draw a few lines for the carrier, and then we cut. Too tight is very bad, too far can be corrected. I give generously to material for the zipper seams.

My Dearest sewn nimble.

I tidied the fabric edges. What do I do now?

You heftest the back pages together, faltest fabric edges around and sew the zipper on.

Try the Rock!

Too far!

Two folding front, two back, and it fits.

I cut the rear panel of the zipper a, near five push buttons in dot dress and the skirt and buttons a skirt.

Try as the petticoat acts!

I've sewed the zipper in the upper part and sewn fabric edges.

My sweetheart has a fabric stitched together tightly on the cut edges and tightly sewn the zipper.

Try as it fits!

It's quite far. What do we do?

You've given you a lot of trouble. You need not re-sew the zipper, it comes already. We do not want to be too picky when playing dress.

My love begins, the upper part and the skirt sewn together.

How does that fit because together?

I take the two rear skirt folds out again, then it comes out already.

The upper part is still about three centimeters on. I hefte the pieces together and pull it the skirt It fits. I sew the pieces together and begin to turn sew the hem.

But that's a lot of work. The hem determined measures four meters!


Three meters?

6.20 meters! The next dress is shorter, just covering Po ☺!

Finally, I'll finish and near a last the zipper.

Honey, I have a game for you dress!