A dress for your sweetheart (06/27/2015)

Who is away from home a long time, gets unusual ideas. I design clothes!

Ok, we buy fabric!

I wanted to come up with designs and create on computer at home Patterns.

Try first a dress for me!

Although I love clothes, but otherwise no idea.

The fabric I like!

A light fabric, colorful print, mostly pink. I imagined a heavier solid color fabric, Raven Black, Bling Bling Purple, highway signpost blue, light pink. But the substance falls nicely and is easily extensible.

Minidress in Eight-panel cut? OK. Divisible zipper front?

Do not you dare! The zipper is sewn back or on the side!

Ok, then back.

Computer interface templates? Nee, drawing freehand on glued newspaper pages!

You want to waste the good white sheets on the first attempt? No! Here you have a film!

A pattern dress cling film? Excellent! 15 years ago (or so) there was at times a large supplier transparent miniskirt. I cut to the film and folders the tracks together.

Let me try! Excellent! The cut can be at the front a little deeper.

When you see his sweetheart already in a transparent see-through dress? I give her a big kiss.

Just order a dress from the beautiful fabric!

We cut along the fabric. I hefte the tracks together.

I'll help you!

You have a rear winger and a front inner track tacked!

And you wanted the railways not only once all interpreted!

separate again. I hefte all tracks together and the zipper a.

Try to!


I have to sew a little more on the chest. The shoulder seams are moved slightly forwards. The front central webs (not only) by longer.

Let the hem so not straighten!

You want yes but not that the dress is short!

The loved ones wish is my command. Now sew your own modell clean. By hand! My love has helped me a little. I actually wanted me to buy a sewing machine at home.

How do I get clean armholes, converge at which four panels?

Honey, I want to sew short and wide Sleeves!

Nope, no sleeves!

I find Sleeves but sweet!

Me too. I just want to not that you have too much work!

I sew so on sleeves.

Honey, look, I have a dress for you! Or for both of us.

Well, do I look good?

Hug and kiss and a nice evening for two.

You can not imagine what it is a great feeling when one has designed his sweetheart hand an eight-panel mini dress with wide Sleeves and back zipper and sewing is finished! Then one looks forward even mistakes.

The next time I dress near the zipper a better on the side, as it does not look as crooked it is sewn. I'm looking forward to!