Why so long? (5/10/2014)

It took ten days for the story of Heidi's trip appeared on my website. Why does it take so long?

It seems to me even long before. But there are also a lot to do.

I photograph each dress for the catalog. The photos show details and all labels.

All images are titled. I write what tells me the doll clothes. The doll sometimes not think of a word to the clothes, and me especially.

I use the data: Which doll includes a dress and in which box I pack the dress?

The picture story is then processed fairly quickly for the web: images are selected, create montages, the sitemap adds, creates references and revised the text of the home page.

There is always something which is correct. Nothing is sometimes just done in five minutes. I can not concentrate a day or two working on a story in pictures. But most of the work is to choose the clothes for the doll to try on and after packing. When making the dolls finally their own work? From ironing and brushes I will not say anything.