Color Trash (4/21/2014)

I have seen on the Internet a photo gallery. Initially, a pretty woman wearing a beautiful long dress. The dress is spattered with bold bright colors, to the White hardly anything can be seen. The gradual transformation of the white dress in a colorful color dress is held in photos. Finally, the woman wearing a beautiful colorful spring dress. But the end is sad: the dress ends in the dustbin.

The woman should have run the colorful dress: jump once to the cafe, to the movies, to stroll, perhaps with the dress into the water. For it was a beautiful colorful spring dress.

After these detours the dress is still too good for the dustbin. The woman can drape dress with a few safety pins and some help funny and transform.

After the transformations with safety pins they can make the dress with scissors gradually remodel the midriff Super Mini dress with slit over the hips and plunging neckline.

But instead of the dress to be cut, the woman can go in the beautiful colorful spring dress in the city and take a bag with a change of clothes. All people who see them, gives her vision joy. If she then meets a girl of twelve or thirteen years, they may ask: "Do you have my dress to play?" You can move on and give the girls the bag with the dress. Then the dress gives the girl pleasure.

The woman, the wonderful colorful spring dress also equal stuck in the bag and give a girl the bag. Or they can provide the bag with the dress next to a trash can. Maybe find a young girl's dress, it takes and has playing much pleasure in the dress.