China style (22/10/2013)

Today I returned from a trip to China. There I saw only beautifully built women. Your dream figure owe the Chinese women of healthy vegetable-rich diet and their joy of movement. You like to dance the evening in the squares with an enchanting grace. (Exceptions prove the rule.)

As clothes lovers I floated in seventh heaven: clear cuts, vivid colors, beautiful fabrics, velvet and satin, beautiful floral design, symmetrical geometric patterns or images, clear contrasts. One-shoulder, oblique seams? Unthinkable! Flowing color gradients? If, then symmetrical. Chinese women love playful details: ruffles, tulle, lace, rhinestones, and like wide miniskirts.

Had I not been so stunned, I could show the "street style" here. It can still be performed: her pretty girl in the Far East, please send me (Chinese) texts and photos of you in your favorite clothes! Once eight outfits together, then I build it into a picture story. Let your seven girlfriends join! Girlfriends show up in China seems like in the same clothes or dresses that just as the girlfriends belong together.

How can my website reach you? The machine translation into Chinese makes you determined fun. About the machine translations into German, I often laughed heartily, but (almost) always captures the meaning.

Even your girl in the east want certainly a pretty dress someday no longer wear. Please throw your discarded clothes and skirt not go away, but she sends me for my dolls (with a short text)! It should not you be at the expense!