Mini skirt's 50th (12/03/2013)

The other day I saw an entertaining TV show on "50 years miniskirt". Mary Quant gave women's fashion a new variety. Actually, I said to Mary Quant miniskirt and all and more. [mini-skirt] [mini-skirt]

The "decent" woman of 1963 did not show her knee. The miniskirt freed the woman of traditional dress code. Meant the miniskirt real freedom? In the 60s, the miniskirt became a symbol of the new freedom of the woman was. People need symbols, the freedom to wear. Mag real freedom remain an ideal! The emancipation of women had already begun, after the men have taken their heads, and the struggle for equality continues. Certainly the miniskirt was a demarcation for mothers-generation. Today, for a young woman of the miniskirt one of many ways and probably more fun than a symbol of freedom. [mini-skirt] [mini-skirt] [mini-skirt] [mini-skirt] [mini-skirt]

Has the miniskirt truly changed the beauty ideal? Mainly probably the ideal of runway models, which then feminine curves were foreign. For men retain their feminine curves stimulus (I close by me to others). A miniskirt is not every woman. Legs thin as sticks and mini? This need not be. Ok, today is more overweight a problem. In a fun and friendly woman man easily forgets the beautiful legs. [mini-skirt] [mini-skirt]

A mini skirt looks sexy. sometimes I look in any case after a woman in miniskirt. This mini skirt wearers expect sometimes. A mini skirt is a good sign for the sexual autonomy of women (but again symbol?). He is never a sign of sexual availability. Unfortunately, there will always be men (and women) give, where space in the bulb to this knowledge is not enough. [mini-skirt] [mini-skirt] [Miniskirt wearers] [mini-skirt]

Girl, it carries mini, if it makes you fun and it feels good to you! In summer cool.