Bad Taste Barbie Nerd (15.10.2012)

"Barbie Nerd Bad Taste" means in an Internet auction platform a pink corsage dress with ruffles and ribbons. Tellingly can not say it.

If I were to design clothes once, then under the label "Herbär - BTBN - for naturally blonde doll". My dolls deserved it, that I am at the end of the winning bidder. Namely, they are all naturally blonde like me (apart from the fast bald with a few gray fluff). Only some have a darker wig: Caro, Annette, Belinda, Walburga, Lola, Dana, Arabella, Wilma, Penny and especially Tania and Anneliese are correct BTBN dolls.

How do you say it in German? Perhaps misguided taste of Barbie-possessed? BTB Nerd (bathroom key Barbie Nerd) sounds good. Your BTB nerds out there, do not leave me lonely and lost! Get in touch! My site is for you.

Lolitas, Goths, Rockabellas, individualists and Mainstreamers and all their unclassifiable, do not be shy, get noticed, and be lenient with the naturally blond and BTBNs! All of you makes the fashion world so colorful as it is (or could be). Thank you!

Top-current parts are soon hit the bathroom key Party ☺!