Dolls Age (25.05.2012)

Are you allowed to age a doll ask?

Of course you may. But the answer can confuse. I asked Wilma. Your answer:

"As a doll I live in my inner world. The needs some explanation, so I'll start with the" outside world age "at. My dolls life began on May 20, 2012, when I got my name, a wig, shoes and my first clothes. I am thus in the outside world aged only a few days old. The history I know of my doll father. He bought me already 21 April 2010 new, then after that was originally packed in carton until my dolls life began.

My second age is the model age. This indicates how old the lady, after I could be modeled was, or would have been like. My model age remains 23. I have just completed my study of Ancient Near Eastern Studies. I must celebrate every year on May 20 my 23rd birthday.

As doll I also have a role age. Just as an actor can play to a certain extent both younger and older people, I change my role age with the dresses. I may be a 17-year-old in 1956, or a 35-year-old in 1886, or a 25-year-old in the year 2011th Sometimes I confuse role model age and age, I only acrylic and glass fibers in the head. But at any age I on May 20 birthday.

In my beautiful sun dress I am 18 and have just passed the Abitur. Maybe I'm only 14 and on the way to the swimming pool. "