Vintage Fashion (23/04/2012)

What is the striking German expression for "Vintage Fashion"? "Historical Fashion" perhaps?

"Historical Fashion" is in Germany not at a premium. Vintage Fashion is estimated more in England. I have become aware of the "Vintage Fashion Guild" ( today.

Although My dolls show almost only dresses in recent times, but only because the older clothes are hidden deep in the camp. In fact, many of my dresses are undoubtedly "vintage". [elderly] [clothes]

I know little about fashion history and materials. I need help to showcase old clothes according to the guidelines of the Vintage Fashion Guild and catalog.

The Vintage Fashion Guild seems very British to me. How about, even to catalog my Oestergaard Dresses and submit the catalog at the Vintage Fashion Guild? On their website I did not even found Heinz Oestergaard (CV with the "House of History"). Who can and wants to help me? [curriculum vitae]

After exploring the site of the Vintage Fashion Guild, you should browse on English sites for "Horrockses". Horrockses is the trademark of many beautiful English cotton dresses from the period from 1947 to 1958. I have no "central" site found to Horrockses dresses, not even a separate article in the English Wikipedia. Vintage is probably commonplace in England.