Shoe Search (29.03.2012)

Shoe Fashion 2012: If uncomfortable high-heeled shoes are thrown away now? The asked a visitor.

Dear visitor, you should be there when a doll shoes chooses once. Before us lies a mountain of shoes of different styles, colors, times. One pair is too small, the next too large, the third has low heels, in the fourth, the doll has too little grip, the fifth couple has to high heels. The shoe Search is a test of patience. A doll can be happy if she has a pair found in which they can be good.

Do you think a doll with a happy couple? You want to neutral black shoes, white shoes for wedding dress, shoes in different colors from different years to match the clothes, to each pair liked the matching purse.

Although the dolls all have a super character, but are otherwise nearly as different as people. One has big, the other small feet that needs a flat heels, the other high. The one stands firmly on two legs and can wear high heels. The other one has set foot in a line in front of the other foot. In heels she would fall immediately.

Convenience not interested in the dolls, if the shoes only fit and, if possible, also look sexy.

For Inconvenient heeled shoes the same as for uncomfortable clothes or even all the dolls Dresses applies. Please, please do not throw away but give us dolls! Here is our address. You can also put in writing an application for reimbursement of shipping costs for our dolls father ☺