Red Riding Hood (27.03.2012)

Today I saw the Little Red Riding Hood. The Little Red Riding Hood is not a little girl, but a pretty young woman with a graceful transition, graceful figure and charming smile. She wore a red hood or rather a headscarf, a dirndl dress with black top with short, wide, red skirt, plus a white blouse, a white tights - exactly as they are known from the fairy tale illustrations. Unmistakably! No trace of fear of love Wolf.

They came from the city and crossed in front of my car into the street. Visited your grandmother? Or she went to her car in the parking lot? Did a woman just play Little Red Riding Hood? Had she lost a bet (or ?! won), are their days numbered as spinster? Tuesday afternoon, alone? Unlikely. Or she goes to high school nearby and plays Little Red Riding Hood in a fairy tale? You can misjudge the age of the youthful tales children. Does the Little Red Riding Hood worked in the city and advertised champagne or soft cheese?

Love Little Red Riding Hood, I am pleased to have seen you. Thank you! If I see you again, I invite you to a latte.