End of a dance dress (04.03.2012)

Machine translation from German

Sometimes I imagine how an old dance dress can end. Once in the textile processing (clothes containers), there are two possibilities. Either it is sold, then the end is postponed. Or it ends in the shredder. Too bad.

The dress is worn after years on the attic to the Rosary. It gets beer stains, burns of cigarette ash, the tulle is torn; Then it comes into the garbage can. [Green Monday]

The zipper is sewn into another dress, the sequins decorate a blouse, the upper of the skirt feeds a gift box, the tulle skirt is clipped to a wide stretch belt and once again worn to a petticoat party, the rest is garbage.

The dress hangs as a view of a tree above the flea market. It will not be taken back. A drenching rain soaks the tulle skirt, the fabric on the temple tears, the dress falls wet into the dirty puddle.

The dress comes directly into the garbage at the attic clearing. Or it moldy in the cellar.

Maybe a nice lady takes the dress to the flea market from the tree, or is it from the garbage container or from the bulky waste pile? Otherwise, it is a shame about the dress.