Heritage (12.12.2011)

Cinderella (where I live is called the Beautiful Cinderella) ball gown from the ingenious Czech fairytale film "Three Wishes for Cinderella" is a national cultural heritage.

Culture? Cultural Funding concerns art, music, literature, theater, architecture, perhaps the adult education center. This is a pretty limited concept of culture. Tagesschau and "Wetten dass ..." Image and BBC, Marksmen, Rural Youth Party and Carnival, Pumpernickel, Panhas and Doppelkorn, double Kopp and football, all belonging to the Westphalian culture.

Lifestyle in the broadest sense is part of the culture, not only slacks. Our clothes are part of our culture. Who times in Central Asia or 30 years ago was in China, who knows the. Girl, your old Jean miniskirt is now not declared a national cultural heritage, but a piece of culture it is nonetheless. Somehow.

Some time ago, which sought "Haus der Geschichte" dresses of the 60s, Beatles-time. And in a museum in Dusseldorf, there was an exhibition on Heinz Oestergaard. I could have taxing dresses at two exhibitions. Were but my clothes better cataloged and ordered the "closet"!

My clothes are a cultural heritage; German, European, Western cultural heritage. Who will help me to maintain the clothes collection and present?