Traces (31.10.2011)

My clothes were despised that they were almost sold off at flea markets or Internet auction platforms, or not even that.

A lady selling a dress so cheap because it had traces. If a book Eselsohren and "fat finger", then it was widely read. That does not make it inferior, on the contrary. show signs of wear that dress was probably worn frequently like. Maybe it tells a story. Worthless it will not wear. Has a dress without any signs like anyone? This is evidence not of value.

Sweat stains in dance dress, cappuccino stains on the stroll dress, red wine stains on the cocktail dress, sunscreen stains on the beach dress, stains on Monica's seduction dress, worn fabric of Jean dress ... would get but each dress such traces that tell of happy hour! [Strolls Dress]

There is contempt. From a wedding dress is a broad strip excised material from the upper material layer of rock under the tulle. Another wedding dress are cut out the applications at the neckline and chest. The rest-dresses came into the container. Hose of a wedding dress cut, the dress on the left, new seams parallel to the side seams and the center seam, cut the sewn fabric strips, the skirt cut short - that is the Rose Monday dress for the daughter. After Ash Wednesday dresses and fabric scraps in the garbage.

In autumn summer dresses come in garbage bags in the wet basement, in the spring, they are garbage. A sweet cuddly mini dress from the early 80s is cut at the waist. The separated rock I find in the textile recycling. The contempt makes me sad.