Seared dress (07.10.2011)

A known and recognized singer has burned a dress out of personal anger, which had given her a well-known and recognized designer. I've just read on the Internet. Whether it is true? Both have unfortunately died.

I feel the fire as threatening and destructive. Cosy campfire or fireplace? Not my world. Mich dismayed the needless destruction. Whether meaningless or not, I do not like to judge. The dress combustion disregards the work of another.

Each dress is designed deliberately. Why just green, why not segment a little further why no pockets? A thousand things could have been done differently. The designer has just as much. The conscious choice in the context of freedom - this is art. This is expression of life.

If the dress to be beautiful? Probably. Did the designer expressed his mood? break conventions? Particularly ugly? Attract attention? Provoke? Something what? Assuredly. And if only the conscious design is the statement. Only no convulsive interpretation!

The conscious design that expression of life - I'll call beauty. Even if it is intentional ugly, or the intentional non-statement.

feel this beauty, eighth, appreciate - I miss. The dress combustion is of course an expression of life of the singer. Legit? All things are entrusted to man. For the purposes of the fashion designer? Rather not. Press The dress simply a bewildered unknown beauty in the pedestrian zone in the hand and go. Burning is a pity.