Dirndl-fashion (23/09/2011)

"Heile Welt for tightening" - the title of an article by Anne Waak in which reads "Welt am Sonntag" on 18 September, 2011.

Perhaps Dirndl wearers to express any solidarity with Allgäu butter cows? I feel Californian miners not connected, although I wear jeans.

Ideologically charged? For most born after 1970 probably not. I do not run barefoot because evil dictators have worn shoes. The youth characterizes a person. Woman Waak will never feel at home in a dirndl - unless at the Oktoberfest.

Maybe it made woman Waak yet fun to pose in a dirndl. The wanted sour expression I can not take seriously. For the girls here in Westfalenland a dirndl is fun. They like it simple. Certainly nicer to look at than black. They show the courage to stand out. They distance themselves also from my generation who arranges every home movie in the drawer "home movie".

Bad when the ideal world for attracting not exist! I translate a hit from the '70s: "I prefer the morning my jeans and feel comfortable." Tighten the ideal world, and then into the everyday life with its great difficulty, lies and intrigue, with love and happiness.

The Dirndl young Westphalian attracts a different role. Getting out of work, out of the role of Vorturnerin, out of all the other roles. The message might be: "Hello, look at me. I am beautiful and I feel comfortable. "Anneliese, Xiatsu, Oxana, Una and Emma confirm it.