And for me ...

If I rashes after my paternal inheritance, I am a mentally and physically decrepit old man in 22 years, and after the maternal heir am I already dead ten years. 22 years is not a long time for an aging man. I still have a lot of my previous mental and physical strength.

For thirty years I have been collecting clothes. There are now many. I want to prepare the collection, cataloging, take pictures, showcase. As long as I'm still alive? What if I can not?

Seeking a successor, who takes care of the clothes. I'm not sexist (no exaggeration) or anti-male, but I believe that a woman can do better. You should be thirty years younger than me.

Dear young princess, you are willing to let yourself be infected by my enthusiasm for old clothes? to get clothes and to maintain? Are you wise and trustworthy? Interested you the "World Wide Web", fashion history, databases, computer image understanding, moth-proofing, event management, photography or things of which I have no idea?

I have experienced many disappointments. It takes a long time until I take to you confidence. Please login (<>)!

My life coming to an end. Therefore, the puppet show mostly clothes from 1980, because these are tangible and to obtain now. I have many clothes of the 50s, 60s and 70s. I do not want the clothes end up in the shredder or in waste incineration. Dear Princess, please take care of yourself on the clothes!