Dream of a clothes junkie

As clothes junkie I am full of outsiders. I wish someone would be with me on dresses that have failed in any way.

Last Saturday was "the" Flea Market in Muenster. As you can see self-confident women showing a very individual, distinctive style. To them I would say: "Stay still for a moment and let you watch!" or simply "thank you".

But now my dream: a commercial building with apartment, suburbs location. Ground dresses presentation, dolls, dressing rooms, mirrors, seating areas, tables with screens, ceiling rails with LED spotlights. A separable area, open transition: Cafe - Bar - Restaurant, Kitchen. Small meals portions, wings, music life mostly, no permanent background sound sprinkler. Meeting place, games, chess, dance floor, open from breakfast to late night. Little Catwalk, the serving ladies the clothes junkies to rejoice.

First Floor clothes storage, shelving.

Second floor photo studio, locker rooms. Art space (web, in-house presentation). Two offices for Soft Worker: Image Understanding, dresses database, Internet presentation. Computer training room. Meeting facilities, small stage, catwalk, wings, possibility of hosting, elevator connection to the cafe on the ground floor, entrance hall. And a bear cave dwelling.

Underground garage, several parking decks. Parking is never enough. Passenger and freight elevators to all levels.

Who donates ☺ capital whose harvest is enough to operation and maintenance?