From the time?

I have seen recently on television an old crime. A young woman wearing a dress in "Indian baggy" look. The women of my generation will remember. In the second half of the 70s long, loose cotton skirts from India were popular. They were easily printed with a pattern often in red, brown or blue. In the waist they had an elastic band or a cord, no one zipper.

There were dresses of this style. They had often circular bands at the neckline and at the ends of wide sleeves, sometimes support. Otherwise, they were as if were carrying the lady a skirt with elastic on the chest. Comfortable, wide and airy. Often a slender teen stuck in "baggy dress", but the dress was also a high pregnant easily.

I associate this look with my school days and the years 1976 and 1977. I have also determined some typical dress of style (but would search). The crime was but of 1985. DDR. Since denim mini skirts had arrived again.