Model Dimensions (22.08.2011)

A so-called fashion designer says of himself that he could design beautiful clothes on models, where clothing size 34 hangs only by means of spot plasters and safety pins. He gives himself his deserved testimony.

Previously, for me at flea markets clothes clothing size 40, the upper limit. Then I had a key experience. One young lady liked a dress in a clothing store. She was tall and athletic, obviously trained and vigorous. Maybe she was javelin thrower or tennis player or sprinter. Not a gram of excess fat on the body. The dress had only to clothing size 42. They tried it on, but it was too tight.

Love Women's clothing manufacturer, please also thinks of your customers over 1.80 m! There are certainly women who contribute 1,85m body size clothing size 40th From clothing size 44, they look perhaps healthy. Walburga shows clothes for large, strong women.