Fortune Cookie (10.08.2011)

Asian restaurant today I got a fortune cookie: "What it soon turns, will affect your future." Meaningless slogan?

I then looked at the log files. If I had 10 cents for each download of Ragtime Dance in July, then I could go out with Zola, Anneliese, Julia, Dana and Sandra and buy of the money for each a super beautiful old wedding dress and to each a mini skirt, a top and Shoes for subsequent ice cream. I mean this only direct access (, not playing on this home page or a picture story. If you visit my site regularly, you will still get to know Zola, Anneliese, Julia, Dana, Sandra and other pretty dolls.

What happened? Some of you have probably set the Ragtime Dance on their playlist and listen to it while they work Uxcel tables? Or already practicing several squads sporting lass her choreography ☺? Tip: you can on your computer load (for example, with wget), instead they always play from the web server the file. That you might save costs (if you have no flat rate - but also at flat rates you have disadvantages at high traffic count). I also fear traffic costs my webspace provider. The download is not illegal.

If the Ragtime Dance brings you joy, then gives me a joy. My account number I will not tell. Girl, you have maybe a dress from the summer of 2007, hanging in the closet? Guys looks even know if your grandmother who is now in a nursing home, has lie in their old apartment since 1958 a petticoat in the closet, or ask your sister very dear to the miniskirt, she has recently taken on Rose Monday, 2006 ☺! And then send me the stuff!