A doll wakes (07/08/2011)

Later Sunday afternoon in Eiscafe Majer. "Actually, I wanted today a doll finish for the next Sunday." - "Is that a lot of work?" - "Unpacking, compose, give name, choose wig, find shoes, search for wedding dress, put together first outfit - determined one hour." - "and iron!" - "well, I tell my dolls always, they are to iron their clothes, but they do not because they are like me -.. I wear also iron shirts" (B├╝gelfrei not mean wrinkle free - note the lecturer).

Then in the evening at home. I open the large box. The doll in "Snow White's Coffin" is well wrapped in air cushion bag. I take first the hip with the leg - it is her right leg. Did I have a name for the doll? Yes, Oxana. I write her name on the "interfaces".

Oxana is a simple doll. Your "game leg" has a metal hook which is inserted into a slot in a metal plate under the lap portion. The free leg rotate 90 degrees - done. Oxana is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, the metal compounds are glued. Oxana should most of the time standing in the window, if it were up to the will of its maker. Without base plate in wind and weather outside, but it is quite vulnerable. But that's her dolls life. Some dolls are "unbreakable" as a bank card, with cast compounds made of rigid plastic.

I write her name on the free leg and hang it on. How are your feet? I guess size 38, medium high heel. looking shoes. First fitting, size ideal, but the sales a bit too high. A wedge can compensate, but Oxana investigated further. Second fitting - paragraph also too high. Third attempt - too large, which is not at all. Fourth attempt - ok, the ideal heel height. The shoes could be a half size smaller. But we have to make compromises, because we have only a limited selection of doll shoes. Oxana is quite good - some dolls have terribly twisted legs.

Now the upper body with head, arms and hands - Oxana names write to all "interfaces", set up the upper body, screw the hands. Oxana has seven parts: hips with leg, free leg, torso, two arms and two hands. She is tall and athletic slim - well built, not as thin as Betty. Now she needs underwear. Our doll lingerie is not well stocked. I give Oxana once a thong. Fitting white Corselet - too far. Second attempt: strapless white bra - well. Then even a white and a black body.

For her first day Oxana needs a pretty dress. First fitting: Gr. 36, smooth, shiny top with spaghetti straps, further, knee-length tulle skirt, jacket, veil - well. Second fitting: Ami-dress with tulle and sequins, short gradient creamy white to pink hips slightly, topless, Brautalarm total - up around unfortunately too far. Third fitting: tulle dress like the fairy Amaryllis - pretty tight. That would be a dress for Betty or the little Annette. Fourth fitting: 70 - oh yes, a dress made as for Oxana. That's it!

What color hair does Oxana? The decision Oxana alone. I close my eyes and reach into the wig box. Even not back blond. Someone once asked me if the dolls are all blond. Definitely not, but all beautiful.

The outfit, go to the dolls for the first time out is, as it were, traditionally from the garbage. First proposal: a skirt of a much advertised brand (how else?) - Super, exactly Oxana size. Why was the rock only in the trash? What about this? A red shirt? Reasonable oversized - oh no. A short pink top? - Well, okay, I guess.

Name, shoes, floor sample, lingerie, wedding dress, hairstyle, only outfit: a glance at the clock - 75 min. The hour was not just appreciated. The stuff for the photo tour, we are looking only from directly in front of the trip.