I have just visited an online store, indicating the detailed measurements of the clothes. I was amused that a rock with 55 cm skirt length counted as miniskirt. Previously, "mini" is an abbreviation for "minimal", quasi as short as possible. [mini-skirt]

What is as short as possible? The shortest skirt length, in which a woman does not feel uncomfortable? Some feel only in jeans well. Or the shortest skirt length, which does not attract everyone's attention? The shortest skirt length to wear a woman is ready? The shortest skirt length of all women in the city? The possible explanations depend on the current mode, the environment and of the personality.

It was in my student days. A young lady would perhaps lend a miniskirt from me. After looking at the choices she says: "They are my all too short." [mini-skirt]

A rock about 50 cm one can hardly call miniskirt. At 40 cm Mini stops (or starts to Mini). For the elderly who have experienced the first half of the 70 deliberately: "Real Mini is 35". [mini-skirt]

Mini is sexy (often). Longer skirts can just act sexy. Attractive is a cheerful, friendly woman who exudes feels comfortable and joy. Even without Mini.

Someone has actually found by searching for "k├╝rzester minirock" this website. I tried it: she appeared at a known "search engine" to 673. point. Admirable search patience!

Of course, I was curious about the results. Unfortunately, many are between vulgar and vulgar. A definition is pragmatic: Real Mini's bottom edge Po. Should I remeasure the skirt length in my dolls?