In and Out

After this site (and more photos) had considered a lady told me: "The clothes are all fairly new interest me older clothes.."

I have found that women of different generations have different time scales. For young women in their twenties everything falls before 1980 in the category "Fifties or so". For mature women in their sixties everything is from 1990 "currently". Well, I'm exaggerating a bit, but only a little.

Anyone observing the everyday fashion, sees in current trends Vintage tomorrow. "Tomorrow" may well be the next to summer. Anyone familiar with the history of fashion, recognizes images of Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria during their visit to Germany timeless style elements.

The dolls can to a large (I say again) recourse dresses pool. This clothes-pool is rather "LIFO" (last in - first out) as a "random access" (free choice). What came in last, comes more likely first out again. In fact, the clothes pool contains many clothes that would certainly have classified the initially mentioned lady as "older". But the puppet show more or less what is currently "megaout".

Currently megaout - which is only superficially a contradiction. In every season there are trends that are "in", and trends that are "out". Surprisingly, it is not simply that the "out" -Trends next season are "in 'trends. That may be, but it may take a few years until a "in" trend a real "out" trend is. In this period, the trend is, well, portable. "Out" is what is being offered low on flea markets.