Clothes that do not need the world

Previously, this was the title of my website. It is simply not true: my dolls need clothes! Especially those who can see your here.

I have moments experienced by clothes that do not need the world: an old wedding dress, for a flat resolution together with old furniture and bedding in bulky waste; a wedding dress, at the end of a flea market not again taken; a wedding dress at the dump.

A black and pink cocktail dress with red wine stain in the dumpster. I would have thought me still a strawberry blob and a cappuccino stain.

Two apparently unsalable mini dresses threw a laggard in the dumpster. Here I had bought a few weeks dresses style. Another Flea markets has thrown a rod with tennis skirt.

A few button-through suede mini skirts from the 70s in the garbage, in a "mega out" - phase during my student days.

Long wooden slats extend beyond the back of a van out. Rear is connected a very sweet red miniskirt. Student days.

All Doll clothes there for nothing, or very little, because hardly anyone but me she wanted more.

Girl, throw your old clothes not go away, give it my dolls!