Mom where are you?

The dolls are all pretty lazy. You do not iron their clothes brush, put away neatly. Because they need a doll's mommy.

Although they like to wear nice clothes, but don? Without help, they do nothing. Da Mama should help. Emergency can also help Dad, but he's so clumsy and sometimes do not know how to put on a part.

And when they come out the clothes, the same. That they do not want.

They are happy in the park, but they are so lazy! The can be worn every meter. And Mama must always take good care of them, that they do not do anything stupid, for example simply fall.

I have already said that the dolls like also for two, three or even want to go out for four? Help!

they want to be nice. You want to be well groomed, perhaps artificial eyelashes have glued and colored, his makeup subtle, some lipstick. Papa would thereby smear only itself.

Decide to the dolls also not. When it comes to choose a dress, then they need Mamas Council. Papa may indeed decide, but if he ever meets the personal touch of the doll?

On the whole, the dolls are all great friends. But sometimes they are fighting over a dress. If two or three will have the same dress, then Mom needs time settle the dispute.

Sometimes the dolls hurt terribly, so much also watch mom and dad. Then only helps an adhesive-pressure bandage (with bracket and power glue). Often some model making paint and a gauze dressing which, for example, protects the elbow helps. Maybe Mama is also sent in plastic surgery with the right dough?

The dolls want a lot of pictures, from all sides in its clothes in all the places where they have been once. It is nice when mom like photographed.

All dolls like to play and understand fun when they look sometimes a little grumpy. If mom asks her lover, they might swap sometimes dresses.

If you read the lyrics to the "comic", then you recognize immediately that Dad is not a master of words. If mom quickly finds apt expression from the world of fashion and loose phrases from the sleeve of shakes, then she has a good chance at the dolls.

Whether mom probably can keep track of all many clothes? If you are a young woman and show interest in clothes, puppets, photography and the Internet, then please join. The dolls and dad need you desperately!