Who likes to dance?

I find the "Ragtime Dance" great for a fun choreography. Last I saw a short video from the 80s: Kylie sang "Locomotion", and young people have to dance merrily. Along with the pictures of Oxana, Emma, Arabella, Nora, Viviane, Clementine, Maddalena, Lola, Olivia, Susanne, Doro, Trixi, Doro, Questa and other brought me to the idea:

Seeking dance-loving, physically strong, intrepid young ladies dancing live for "Ragtime Dance" in party dresses of the 80s. I want to make a video of the action in Internet. Tanzmäuse, Hüpfdohlen, disco queens, Rock-a-bella in Greater Dortmund (at Brambauer), please report back!