Locations searched

In the dark winter months, it is not only dark early, but, unfortunately, often wet and windy. Wind may not dolls.

Who invites one or more dolls to a photo shoot at a sheltered place a? It does not have a corner in the backyard, but a publicly accessible place where people can also look. Because the dolls want to be seen not only on photos. On the other hand should be possible pictures without too many people into the scene. I can not upload images to the Internet, on which other people are clearly recognizable.

In the Dortmund Thier-Galerie there are certainly suitable locations, if the person or the affected shop owners agree. Why should they not agree if it is not just a fashion store? In quiet times I can think of a photo shoot in or at a restaurant. easy Invite Sandra or Holli or one of her colleagues a! [female colleagues]