Additional terms

I just read the Terms of Use of a popular website. I imagine, like a surfer is excited by my website to buy at the flea market a Kuhblumen sequin dress. find your girlfriends that she looks in the dress, as it would be called Emma. And now she has to blame me. Dear surfer, have more serenity and more confidence! I want to protect myself against that me of that resulted from the purchase of the dress damage including the cost of seven psychotherapy sessions will be billed. [Kuhblumen-Sequin Dress]

I also want to safeguard against that me accuses a fashion company business damage by unfavorable view or that Google accuses me the unlawful use of the logo in the Chinese translation. Therefore, the following conditions. They are modeled on the real-world conditions of use of a popular website.

User is anyone who retrieves this site or part of this site. [this website]

Claims by users or other third parties for this site or use of the site subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany excluding its conflicts of law principles. This also applies if the user from outside the Federal Republic of Germany is accessing the site.

The user has no right to availability of this website or access to this website. I reserve the right, this website to change in whole or in part, to terminate or entirely.

Possible use conditions of the user shall be spoken against, so that they can not determine the utilization rate.

I do not take any warranty for the completeness, accuracy or availability of the website content.

The site is intended for your entertainment. However, I do not take any warranty for personal entertainment. The site provides a legal point of no advisory service, are no recommendation for action and does not provide a basis for decisions. This is especially true for the presentation of fashion and fashion history. The user is required to turn to expert advice.

The site contains direct or indirect links to other Internet sites. I have no influence on the content of such other sites, I do not endorse and will not be responsible for their contents. The user follows such references at your own risk. I'll delete references to other Internet sites when my illegal, anticompetitive or immoral content of external sites are known.

The user is not authorized content to alter this website. In particular, it must not remove any copyright notices or trade names. (I ask for an indication of when it should be possible to someone to change contents of this website. For instructions for correcting I am grateful.)

The user is liable for all damages that result from the only slightly negligent use of this website.

My liability for damages arising from the use of this website is limited to gross negligence and intent.

Jurisdiction for all disputes to merchants, legal persons of public law and users without general jurisdiction in Germany Dorsten.