Terms of Use

One of the great service providers on the World Wide Web, almost a monopoly in its field, pretends to work for the freedom of the Internet. At the same time he dictated terms and conditions that do not correspond to my understanding of freedom. Startled by limitations in foreign terms of use, I put on my Terms of Use here.

They may all content of my site, also on images in any form without limitation point. This includes references by HTML- or XML attributes or elements such a/@href, link/@href, img/@src, audio/source/@src, iframe/@src, script/@src, xsl:include/@href, xsl:import/@href by @import - CSS rules or by the document - XSLT function. I see references to my site like. You may not distribute copies of content to my site or make publicly available without my express permission.

You may http://kleider.herbaer.de/source copy all documents under the URL path and change and copies, also modified copies, distribute or make available to the public. You must give all recipients of copies or modified copies of this law.

You may HTTP requests to the site http://kleider.herbaer.de manually enter, but you can also use software that automatically sends HTTP requests. They may for processing the content of my site, especially for display, using any kind of software that copies of content distributed or make publicly available. You should not obscure the original URI my website.

Additional terms limit your claims and my responsibility.