The brands and labels of the clothes are protected by law (in most cases). I admit to the mentioned on the labels brands to designate clothes better. I design or produce any clothes and bring any clothes in any way in traffic. Therefore I do not see how I could violate trademark rights.

I have no business relationship with an owner of a trademark. Every dress I see, is a pleasing sight and insight into the changes of fashion for me. Each imaged dress to express the designers and fashion designers express my appreciation and gratitude.

A ten year old garment meets hardly the latest fashion trends. The also know the young visitors to my website and let the image of a brand through an old garment not anstauben.

I will shortly refer to the websites of the brands and / or companies behind the brands. Dear Judge, if you believe that I make my own me by a reference to a site and its content, then you let explain the Internet!