I do not use plugins from Google, Facebook and other large "social web sites". But of course I want that my site is found. Therefore, I refer to the page on the web directory

My website does not use "cookies". Your settings to my site remain on your computer in the local memory ( "local storage"). I can tell if you load the pictures in normal size or smaller image files if necessary.

The Web server logs requests to my website in the "Combined Log" - format. These include the time of the request, the name of the browser, the IP address to the two "low-order" bytes, the requested page and the referring page, if you have not entered the address directly into the browser address bar. I investigating using the webserver logs, the most visited and least visited picture stories and the most frequently requested images. Create with "The Webalizer" a monthly summary of the webserver logs.

Please help me that my site is known! Reference to my site and recommend them to your friends and acquaintances!